Frankly, this might be the most important page you ever visit on your journey toward becoming (or continuing to be) a published author. This is the stuff that far, far too many programs, books, classes, and conferences are not telling you about the Real World of authorship.

This page will share all the business advice your heart can handle. How to find an agent, write query letters, conducting yourself professionally (with editors, agents, readers, reviewers, and the public); money, taxes . . . anything you (or I) can think of. This page will likely be updated often as I myself learn more and new things about the business of being an author, and as the publishing world continues its ongoing shifts.

Check back often, and in the meantime, go budget your money.

No, seriously. If you haven’t or don’t already, go work up a budget right now and then come back. We’ll talk.

Meanwhile, if you have a finished or nearly-finished manuscript, consider a one-on-one mentorship with author Tom Leveen…but read the entire popup window first.



But you won’t “get” my story if I don’t send you the first (10, 20, 100) pages!
Exactly. While readers may give you a whole chapter or two, agents and editors have to move fast, so if your first page doesn’t grab them, chances of them turning to page two are remote. Again, anything wrong with page one is probably wrong throughout the entire story.

How do I know you won’t steal my idea?
Then don’t send it. Having said that, I won’t. Nobody does. As of this writing, I have more than 30 titles in various states of revision, so I don’t need one more idea to add to my pile. At a rate of one book per year, I have enough ideas to take me well into my 70s.

Will you critique any genre?
I will. Storytelling and fiction writing have certain factors that are true across genres.