Wow! Congratulations on landing an agent. To me, that felt like at least making it to the Super Bowl, but not yet having played the big game.

Yet despite having an agent, here you are at fiction-writing website.

…Is something afoot?

Maybe your agent hasn’t submitted your novel anywhere. Or maybe she has, and no one bought it (which happened to me and my first book, and the first book of a lot of authors I know). Maybe you sent the book to your agent, but she hasn’t returned an email in six months since then. Or maybe you’ve got a tentative offer from a publisher, but the editor wants a major revision first.

Being agented it fun, ain’t it?

All of the above have happened to me at one point or another, and they all happen to all authors to greater and lesser degrees. So let’s start dissecting what’s going on, and how FictionMentor can help:

If you’re starting to have doubts about your agent, download this checklist and see if you have anything to fear. (It’s pay what you want, with a .99¢ minimum.)